Explore urban spaces with sports, games and activities in Stockholm and beyond

Stockholm – where the streets are the playground, and the city is a gigantic game board. Get a unique urban experience of Stockholm! We offer these games and activities in the splendid and elegant capital city of Stockholm and Scandinavia:

Stockholm, Sweden

Urban Orienteering

Get on this two-hour navigation game in Stockholm and find out all the secret locations in Stockholm. Themed tours include

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Try this fun new game in cities, a perfect After Work game together! Discount for our first customers in Stockholm - only 2100 kr for a group of 4 people.

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NEW! Stockholm, Sweden
For solo/group tourists, local organizations

City of the Five Senses

There's much more than meets the eye. Explore Stockholm of the Five Senses.

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Forest orienteering in Norra Djurgården
NEW! Stockholm, Sweden
For solo/group tourists, local organizations

Summer Forest Orienteering

What's not more enjoyable in the summer than the forest orienteering

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NEW! Stockholm, Sweden

Winter Night Orienteering

Head out to the forests around Stockholm in the depth of winter and navigate with a bright headlamp. You can borrow our headlamps free of charge and you have the option to purchase it at a discount too.

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Guess what our next game is?

Surprise! Guess what our next game is? A game of question mark? You bet - for now, let us know what kind of game you want and we'll design it for you.

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RM Studio/Metviplay

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Our passion is to activate public spaces through interactive and engaging activities, that benefit the local community and the participants. We focus on the “software” part of placemaking, a holistic and evolving approach to creating places for people through working with the community. Through our activities and events, we connect people with places and create positive interaction among people, granting them great memories and stories.

We have a number of activities and events in Stockholm, Sweden and around the world, in collaboration with local organizations. Moreover, we have an online platform for interactive walking tours with AR/VR, QR code scanning and NFC support.

These activities and events are for both citizens and tourists. We believe that responsible urban tourism involves connecting visitors with the community and their stories, which aligns with the values of placemaking.

We look forward to working with organizations and companies in creating active public spaces through sports and play. Are you interested? Please contact us!

Let us plan your activity

Do you want an engaging outdoor or indoor activity for your organization, that you can take both memories and learnings from? Let us plan it for you.

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We organize a number of events around the world, in cooperation with various local organizations:

Bangkok | Dec 29, 2022 - Jan 1, 2023

Thailand Orienteering Challenge 2022

Welcome to Thailand Orienteering Challenge 2022 in Bangkok! Discover and navigate four urban and natural areas in the metropolis.

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Stockholm, Sweden | 2023 TBC

Stockholm Metrunner

Organised by Norrsken Orienteering, Metrunner Stockholm City Race brings you to three different neighbourhoods. (Formerly Stockholm City Race)

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Explore Asian cities with urban orienteering. Run through a variety of public spaces that reveal a mix of cultures that shape these cities.

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Trail running x Orienteering. Find your own way with a map. 5 km/10 km

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Orienteering in Asia

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Malaysia | Once per year, next edition TBC

Tropical Orienteering Week (Malaysia)

Explore Malaysian cities with orienteering, starting with the 2019 edition (Kuantan). Stay tuned for future editions.

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Nepal | Once per year, next edition TBC

Himalayan Orienteering Championships (Nepal)

Explore urban and natural landscapes in Nepal. The first edition will bring you to the Kathmandu area and its cultural treasures.

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Greece | Coming soon

Greece Island Hopper

Navigate the towns, villages and hills of Greek islands with orienteering and other urban activities, starting with Rhodes Old Town. Coming soon, powered by Metrunner. Stay tuned! Coming soon

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Stockholm, Sweden

Let us plan your event

Would you like to have your fun and active event in town? (Anywhere around the world.) Give us a message so we can create it for you. We specialize on orienteering and running events.

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Online platform

Discover our online walking tour platform

We have an online AR/VR walking tour platform on which you can create tours and define places with storytelling. You can create signboards with our QR codes or custom-made NFC tags to engage visitors. Contact us to design your online walking tour.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Let us create your walking tour

Would you like a new walking trail in your city? Let us know and we can create that for you, including AR/VR, QR codes, or NFT signboards - make it an interactive experience for visitors.

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