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Urban Orienteering Tour

Navigate the important places of Stockholm in a unique and exciting way on our themed urban orienteering tours.

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Team navigation challenge

Put your teamwork and problem-solving skills to the test in Stockholm with our competitive team navigation game.

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Discover Stockholm in a new and exciting way with our outdoor city card game! Perfect for tourists looking for a fun and interactive way to explore the city.

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City of the Five Senses

Engage in a multi-sensory experience of the city with all your five senses.

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Urban Orienteering Tour

  • Meeting point: Sergels torg (the large sunken plaza outside T-Centralen subway station)
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • There are four themes to choose from, see below
  • Please check the booking page for availability, time and price.
  • For group bookings, please inquire for a quote at info@metviplay.com.

Navigate Stockholm with urban orienteering. Uncover secret locations with our urban scavenger hunt challenge and indulge in the theme of your choice. Try to find all the locations!

We provide you a basic instruction on orienteering. The instructor accompanies you throughout the experience, and will also tell you stories about the places you’re visiting.

We also provide an urban orienteering discovery activity for schools and organizations where you hone your spatial skills through navigation in public space.


We provide several themes for you to choose from. Each theme includes a set of locations and storylines that tell the history and culture of Stockholm through the theme’s perspective:

City History

Explore the places over Stockholm’s history. Discover the story of the largest city in the Nordics with its start from the medieval times.


Discover the beauty and innovation of Nordic architecture. From historic charm to contemporary designs, you’ll be amazed by the diverse selection of architectural gems on this tour.


This tour brings you to the many cultural institutions that make Stockholm an elegant cultural city of the North.  We also take a look at the hipster town of Södermalm.


Who holds power in Stockholm and Sweden over the centuries? Join our tour that brings you to the places and centers of power in Stockholm over the years.

Urban orienteering activity for schools and organizations (unthemed)

Hone your spatial skills with orienteering in public space! We provide urban orienteering activities for schools and organizations to discover public space. There are a number of options to choose from:


In the easy version, you get a set course of checkpoints; we discuss the route choice with you. You get to actively lead the navigation with our guidance.


In the medium version (requires two or more people), you get to interactively decide the checkpoints you want to go. We play a game where two teams choose checkpoints, and each team must then find the other team’s checkpoints.


In the advanced version (requires two or more people), we play a game where two teams do a round exploration of the area and draw a map. You then choose several checkpoints and ask the other team to visit these checkpoints, taking photos as proof.

All levels include an introduction of the area and selected checkpoints, as well as a discussion on navigation and visual cues in public space, where applicable.

For this activity, please email info@metviplay.com for booking.

Team Navigation Challenge

Stockholm, where the streets are the playground and the city is a gigantic game board
  • Comes in short (2 hour) or long (5 hour) versions
  • Short version: meeting points at Sergel torg (T-centralen

Are you coming as a group? We invite you to this thrilling team navigation quest. You’ll explore the city in teams and complete a navigation quest. Uncover the secret locations in Stockholm and find them all. See who’s the fastest to get all checkpoints!

All themes that are offered in the Urban Orienteering are also available in the Downtown Team Navigation Challenge.

Want to explore a bit outside downtown? Let’s try a navigation challenge of the miljonprogrammet satellite cities, where almost every building looks the same – try if you can navigate your way!



Discover Stockholm in a new and exciting way with our outdoor city card game! Perfect for tourists looking for a fun and interactive way to explore the city.

The game is simple: players take turns to pick a card and complete the action prescribed on the card. Each card features a unique challenge or task that will take you on an adventure through the streets of Stockholm. Along the way, you’ll learn about the city’s culture and history while having fun with friends and family. So grab your friends and family, and let the adventure begin! 😊

City of Five Senses


How do you perceive the city? Engage in a multi-sensory experience of the city with all your five senses. Immerse in the wonderful sensory symphony of everything that’s going on in the city, and share your perceptions and insights.

How do these senses differ from your city? Join our activity and find out – collect your urban sensual palette!

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