Featured Virtual Orienteering Tour: Malmö

We’re continuing our featured virtual tours from Sweden as part of our Sweden virtual orienteering competition in August!

Malmö, Sweden on Metrunner's Orienteering Map of the World

The port city of the Öresund

Malmö has a long history of being a major port city on the Sound (Öresund), a shipping lane of regional importance and the major entrance into the Baltic Sea.

A major city in the province of Scania (Skåne), Malmö belonged to Denmark until the Treaty of Roskilde (1658) ceded Scania to Sweden. Even today, Malmö feels very different from most of Sweden—creative, alternative and unique. Architecture-wise, you’ll feel Malmö as more similar to a northern German town than to Stockholm. Yet Malmö produced one of the most famous sons of modern Sweden—the footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Being much nearer to both Denmark and Germany, yet still belonging to Sweden, a visit to Malmö is to explore a very different Sweden than the one portrayed by the capital Stockholm, or Småland of IKEA and Pippi fame).

Explore Malmö with Metrunner’s Orienteering Map of the World and win a Str8 compass.