Introducing MET.RUN—the powerful shortlink for sports, mobile & remote tourism

Today we’re proud of introducing our new shortlink—MET.RUN! The new shortlink will support our efforts in promoting sports, mobile and remote tourism, and encourage you to discover more around the world.

Through MET.RUN, you can easily access mobile guided and virtual tours, sport events, and orienteering courses. The world has never been closer than this—a short and simple URL like brings you to the beautiful Swedish capital of Stockholm, a global city of Scandinavia with elegant architecture and rich history.

Create a MET.RUN URL using one of our apps, like Metplorer.

Create a MET.RUN shortlink today through these apps

The MET.RUN URL is available through our current three online apps—Metrunner, Metvigo and Metplorer.

Metrunner—experience mobile & remote tourism

With Metrunner, you can discover the world on your legs or at your home—you can run around and discover new places. You can even travel from home (TFH) and experience the world from afar!

Metrunner is even suitable for orienteering activities and events using mobile geolocation. School orienteering, club training and virtual orienteering races are a few of the many possible use cases of Metrunner.

Shortlinks from Metrunner take the format, like

Metvigo—sports event platform

Metvigo enables you to start a sport event with affordable platform fees for registration. With SEO and map search, sport events can be easily reached on Metvigo.

Shortlinks from Metvigo take the format, like

Metplorer—SaaS platform for guided & virtual tours

You can manage your mobile guided and virtual tours on Metplorer, as well as keeping track of data on how many visitors have experienced your tours. The virtual tour function also helps you take advantage of remote tourism, which will stay as a major feature of the post-COVID-19 travel industry.

Currently, Metplorer tours are played through Metrunner app, therefore shortlinks also take the format, like

Explore more of our apps and services

As the world gradually opens up again, we’re expanding our online and offline offering of apps and services for sports and travel, such as the Pattaya Orienteering & Landrunning Festival as promoted on ORIEN.ASIA.

With this development, we’re expanding the availability of the MET.RUN shortlink to these apps and services too.

Stay tuned and connect with us to get the newest tips and updates!