Create unlimited virtual tours and orienteering events free of charge now with Metrunner!

We’re glad to announce major changes to our pricing structure, and above all, it’s now free to create unlimited virtual tours and orienteering events free of charge with Metrunner!

Create unlimited content: virtual tours, orienteering courses, and more

We’ve now granted Creator Premium privileges for everyone on Metrunner in creating content: you can now create unlimited virtual tours, orienteering courses, and events!

Yes, free means free: virtual tour functionality is now available to everyone for free.

Create your tour now at!

We’ll create tours and orienteering courses for you, if you’d like us to.

Yes—just ask us to create your first tour or orienteering course for you, for free. No fees, no traps.

Just ask us at And if you want us to help with more, or if you have a big project, just ask us about it and we’ll see how we can best create and manage the content for you.

Changes to player credit system

You get two new credits when you sign up. As before, playing a tour or game will cost you one user credit. You get one new credit each month.

To encourage you to explore more, however, the validity of new credits is 45 days from the day of issue. (Credits already issued are not affected by this change). Don’t worry—you’ll get a new credit on the 1st day of each month.

And as before, you can always upgrade to Player Premium to play unlimited tours and games!

Upgrade your tours and games to offer them for free

Want to make sure your customers and visitors will always be able to experience your tours for free, without need to buy a credit? You can upgrade your tours and orienteering courses so that they’ll always be available to users irrespective of credits.

Upgrading your game is also useful if you’re offering the orienteering course as part of a race, where you’ll naturally want to include it as part of the entry fee.

Pricing is based on a basic fee plus the number of visitors to the tour/game. Ask us at to learn more.

Virtual tours and events—supporting remote tourism and the recovery to come

Metrunner provides the capability to host virtual tours and orienteering games, which is precious in this difficult COVID-19 time. With many people stranded at home or elsewhere, virtual tours now allow you to Travel From Home (TFH) and explore the world.

Even when the world recovers, travel will become a more individualised and technologically advanced experience that allows you to explore on your own, discovering more unique places and stories than before. Similarly, sports will become an ever individualised experience.

We at Metrunner will continue to innovate on these accelerating trends, and provide you with the best individualised experience for travel and orienteering.

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